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How do I show it?

Today is our 39th anniversary.  We met less than a year before we married and waited only a short 6 weeks between engagement and the wedding.  That was 6 weeks of a sling on my left arm holding a separated shoulder in place and recovery.  It has been a wonderful 39 years, raising 3 children, seeing them have children for us to love, buying a couple of houses and building our retirement home.

We tend to indulge each other’s wants when the finances allow.  If he is asked what he wants for a gift giving opportunity, he is reticent to provide ideas, and there have been few occasions where he was surprised.  We usually get each other items that are suggested or in his case, dragged out of him, so gift giving is rarely a surprise anyway.

There were no plans to do more than the token card and dinner out tonight, but the weekend brought me the new to me antique Walking Wheel spinning wheel.  It didn’t have to come home with us, but he bought it for me for our anniversary and Valentine’s Day.  That gift can’t be reciprocated in kind, so what is one to do.  The one thing he wants is to not be feeling the arthritis in his back that is causing him several issues and has curtailed several activities he enjoys.  I can’t give him that, I am not a doctor or a miracle worker, though I wish I could provide him relief.

My gift to him today is to publicly let the world know that he has been and continues to be the best husband, friend, and love of my life that I could have asked for.  He is a wonderful father, a loving grandfather, wise and caring. He has a sense of humor that sometimes I miss, sometimes I want to miss.  I want him to know that I will do whatever I can to support him emotionally, to love him unconditionally and to let the world know that he is the best ever.

I love you babe!  Forever! Want 39 more?

My Valentine

Thirty eight years ago this evening, I became Mrs. Mountaingdad.  We had met about 10 months earlier through a mutual friend.  Over the Christmas Holiday from the school system where I was a counselor, we went on my first overnight ski trip.  I had been on a one day semi local trip with a group of students and teachers from the school where I worked, but not a trip to a big resort, not a trip to Vermont.  We went with a local ski shop, with Mountaingdad’s sister and her friend as part of the group and stayed off resort at a really cool working dairy farm/Inn.  The SIL to become, her friend, and Mountaingdad were all skiers already and had outfitted me with very short skis to begin and longer ones for later in the week if I got the hang of it.  First day out, I separated my shoulder.  I am a determined soul and with the thick layers of clothing that helped restrict movement, continued to ski for the rest of the week, needing help to dress and undress, to braid my long hair, cut my meat for dinner, or anything that required flexibility or strength with my left arm (I am a lefty.)  We arrived home on New Year’s Eve and went straight to the ER where I was Xrayed, put in a restricting sling and referred back to my family Dr. in a week for the 1970’s version of physical therapy.  That night, Mountaingdad proposed to me and I accepted.  We didn’t want a huge wedding and set about to make plans, knowing that we wanted a ski honeymoon. As it turns out, Mountaingdad was a romantic, he suggested Valentine’s Day for the date.  Plans were made and on that night, my first Valentine, my Daddy, stood in the back of the church as Mountaingdad had my brother bring me a Valentine card, and Daddy walked a teary bride down the aisle and passed my hand to the man I was about to marry, my new Valentine.

Rehearsal night, sitting with my Dad as we watched what we were to do the next night.

Every Valentine’s Day for 67 years, my Dad sent me a Valentine’s Card, usually one like the kids hand out at school.  I could count on getting at least one card as a kid.  As I had children, my daughter also received a card from him, and later my granddaughter as well.  He sent them to all of his “girls.”

I lost my first Valentine, my Dad in December.  He was 92 years young.  Healthy and vibrant until August, showing his age and a rapid decline after that.  He remained at home, still helping out as he could until 2 weeks before he died when he had back to back hospitalizations and passed with his kids, stepkids, a niece and his wife with him over the last few days.

I knew that each Sunday, when we talked to each other on the phone, would be difficult and that holidays would also be tough for a year or so, but I didn’t think about Valentine’s Day, that is Mountaingdad’s and my day.  A few days ago, this was in the mail.



I couldn’t even open the envelope as I knew what was inside.  I handed it to my daughter, teary eyed and had another cry.  My stepmom had sent the Valentine cards on to all of his “girls” for him.  Yesterday, another envelope arrived for the three girls in the house.  This one contained 3 cards and a note explaining that my IBB (younger brother) knowing that Daddy had carried out this tradition forever and he was continuing it.  I cried again.  Thank you IBB.

Tonight, I have but one Valentine.  He and I will go out for a nice dinner and celebrate our 38 anniversaries together.  He has been my love for a long time and continues to be there for me when I need him the most.  I love you, Jim.

Doctor season

February is the month.  Somehow, over the years, I have managed to get all my annual medical follow-ups clustered around our Valentine’s Day anniversary.

Five and a half years ago, I discovered a small nodule under my left jaw bone.  From Family Practitioner to specialist, CT scans,couldn’t find what we felt, but did find nodules/cysts on my thyroid.  The specialist then sent me for needle biopsies of both the nodule in my jaw and those on my thyroid.  The result was surgery to remove my parotid gland with the non malignant nodule and determined that the thyroid was probably cysts.  This happened just as school closed for the summer, but it put my first followup in February.   Annually, I have to go for a thyroid ultrasound and follow-up with the specialist.

About three years ago, I developed what I thought was another keritosis on my right shin.  Family Practitioner shaved it off and sent it for evaluation as he didn’t think this one was a keritosis and it wasn’t.  It was a squamous cell variant skin cancer and again I sent off to a specialist, this one who specialized in MOH’s surgery.  After visiting with her and finding out how long I would be immobilized, we elected to postpone the surgery until after our annual ski trip to Colorado.  After the trip, back to the surgeon again in February to have the cancer removed fully.  This added an annual trip to the dermatologist for a full body check for the rest of my life.  I was never a sunbather, but did work two summers on the beach as a lifeguard and I’m very careful to stay covered with long sleeves, wide brimmed hat and sunscreen when working in the yard, but my years as a lifeguard are catching up with me now.

In the middle of all of this, we will celebrate 36 wonderful loving years together with a nice dinner out at a local restaurant.