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Kid time

A few weeks ago we had Florida kid and grandkid time.

This week, I have Northern Virginia kid and grandon time, helping out between kids starting school and grandson. Yesterday was Meyro ride and two Smithsonian Museums.


Today the National Aquarium in Baltimore.



Tomorrow, I rest by the pool with a picnic and book and rest my feet, back, and budget. He is fun, but at 8, his energy level far exceeds Grandmom.

Too Quiet

The visitors are gone, they left around 7:30 pm last evening. As usual, I cried. It is hard having family you love a lot and not having them around. The mountains and our home are just what we wanted in retirement, the quiet is so peaceful, but today it is lonely. Hubby came down with a cold Saturday night and he is snoozing in his recliner. Even the dogs seem to miss the children running around and their Golden Retriever to play with. There has been a lot of grooming and tussling going on when the big dog isn’t lying by the front door awaiting their return.
They were here for 12 days, their longest visit and it was delightful. The children are 6 years and 20 months respectively and so much fun to be around. Both are curious and loving. Our grandson is very bright and loves to show off his reading and math skills. Our granddaughter, full of energy and words, both verbal and sign language. Though many of her words have multiple meanings at this point, they are enunciated clearly and emphatically.
There were many activities, from berry picking
To jam making. Four batches made with our daughter
Hiking to the Cascades
Kayaking and target shooting for hubby and the adult kids.
A birthday party for my 90 year old Dad and two baptisms for the grandkids.
Perhaps someday soon, our eldest and daughter by love will finish their education, find employment back in this area and return with our eldest grandson and our daughter, son in law and their two children will find their way closer to us and with our youngest son and his family 4 hours from here, we will be able to spend more time with them all.

Grand day

     Today is the day that “Mommom” got to spend with the grandbabies while their Mom and Dad got to go have some adult time.   This morning they went to the shooting range for some target practice with hubby and their friend who is travelling with them.  After a quick trip home for lunch, some kiddie time, hubby drove them and our three kayaks off for a couple of hours of drifting down the New River, just the big kids. Hubby will hang out until time to pick them back up and return them to our house.  That has given me some quality time with the little kiddos.   Today we took “walk, walks” but not in Daddy’s shoes

We tried taking walk, walks outside, but the little princess didn’t want to keep her shoes on and the big boy thought the gnats were too much of a bother, so we came in and tooks naps where they landed.

     Yesterday, we took a four mile family hike up to the Cascades, a beautiful waterfall near our house. Most of us shed shoes and socks and waded only to find the water much too cold to stay in for long.  The crazy young adult men braved the frigid water and went for a swim.     

     The past two days I have gone out to find 1 to 5 of the chickens outside of the pen, free ranging unsupervised.  I think I finally figured out where they are escaping and need to make that part of the pen more secure.  One of the girls must think she is a dinosaur as her eggs have been extra jumbo this week.