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A boy and his dog

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted a big dog to live in his house.

This dog he wanted would grow some day to easily outweigh the boy, but that didn’t deter his search. 

Last week, that boy got his wish and though the dog is currently a pup, his parents are huge. Pup has feet as large as my fist. 

He sleeps much of the day and nearly all night, but he encourages his boy to play whenever he is awake.

Can’t wait to see this game in a few months.

Other thoughts

Between having a new puppy in the house and having caught my first cold of the winter, I have done no knitting except in the car going to and returning from puppy acquisition.  Nor have I spun an inch.
When I have rested enough from feeling poorly, I have washed, air dried, folded and stored all of the door mats, vacuumed, spot cleaned and aired all of the rugs, rolled them and stored them under a bed until we no longer have puppy puddles and piles left in the house.  The living room rug is too large to move, so the living room has been blocked off with furniture and his large wire kennel for the same reason.  It is easier to clean up a hard floor, plus he is more reluctant to use the hard floor, preferring the grass outdoors, thank goodness. 
Progress is being made in training, he will now voluntarily go up and down the stairs to the loft and our room, a good thing since Ranger already weighs 23 lbs at 9 weeks and we don’t want him to think he can be carried.  He will now walk on a leash most of the time, another good thing since “come” and his name are still foreign to him and we don’t want him wandering too far from the house at night when we take him out.
He seems to like riding in the car, so I guess another training event will be to get him to use a ramp to get into the backs of the Xterra or the CRV.  Mastiff’s aren’t noted for their athleticism and he will soon be too large to assist him up into the back of the SUV.
It is pouring rain outside right now.  He has not shown any reluctance to light rain, but we don’t even want to go out in this.  It hailed enough down the mountain a few minutes ago when we were coming home from Jim’s Physical Therapy to look like it snowed.  The forecast is heavy rain, wind, hail and even snow by Monday.  It will be a good weekend to stay in, recover from this cold, read, and knit.

Puppy time

We have been home two nights and one full day with the pup.  Yesterday was a full agenda, registering him as The Lone Ranger of Stafford Shire, Ranger. for short.  Meeting his new vet for a well puppy check and to restart the puppy shots as the breeder was doing them and the record was sketchy.  New vet because the one we had taken the cats to had retired and his business was purchased by 4 young vets, 2 women and 2 men that have a second location over the state line in West Virginia.  The staff and vet were all enamoured with Ranger.

Exploring his new environment, both indoors and outdoors.  He really seems to like the space to romp and roam.  We are working on training us to his needs to reduce indoor accidents, teaching him his name and to climb and descend stairs as he already weighs 22.6 lbs.

He is a good pup, sleeping in a crate in our room at night and keeping it clean all night.  During the day, he has decided his extra large wire kennel is just the place to nap or take his toys for playtime.

Hubby is very happy with his puppy.

The New Addition

Yesterday, we started off on our puppy acquisition trip.  We were headed for Stevens, PA, between Lancaster and Reading via Vienna, VA to take our son and grandson home in route.  Having them visit, if only briefly is always a joy.  Until fall, when they relocated for school, we had weekly overnight visits with our grandson and we miss that.

The trip to Vienna is about 4 hours and after taking them out to a late lunch and unloading them at their house, we headed farther north.  Another 3 hours put us in Ephrata where we located the breeder’s house for this morning’s pick up and set out to a nearby town for a motel and dinner.

This morning came and hubby was like a kid at Christmas, anxious to see his new puppy.  The breeder has 3 mastiff’s, one female and 2 males, though we only saw Max, the daddy at 200 lbs, and Tekka, the mom at 170 lbs.  Teeka had 15 pups on December 29th and then the weather got very cold and they lost 8 of them.  When we arrived, the only 3 remaining were Ranger, hubby’s pup and two of his siblings, a huge brindle male, and a small brindle female.  In their pen, none of them looked too big, then Jim picked up his pup and his feet are huge!

We didn’t get 10 minutes from their house with a fussy pup when he lost his breakfast out both ends, necessitating a clean up stop.  The second accident occurred just as we finally managed to get on I-76 headed west.  By the time we got to I-81 to head south, he was cleaned up again and settled into travel mode, a good thing, because the trip home is a total of 6 1/2 hours without the frequent stops for his needs.

I’m sure he will be a happy fellow when we finally get home and can finish cleaning him up,, feedings him and letting him begin to settle into his new home.  I hate to admit it, but he sure is cute with his black mask, black ears, tail and toes on his apricot body.

Last night

Tonight is our last night of our kid’s winter vacation.  Today has been rather laid back as the weather has deterioted into rain and wind with much colder temps, and we may even get some flurries tonight and tomorrow before noon.  They came in to snow and are going to leave in snow.

To soften their leaving a little, our eldest son and eldest grandson (age 6 1/2) will be in very late tonight for son to present at an academic conference tomorrow and we will have a whole day with our grandson.  On Sunday we will take them home and then on to Pennsylvania to pick up hubby’s new puppy.

It has been a great week.  I will surely cry when they leave as I always do and wish that the time will come when they can move closer than 13 hours from us.

And we will be taking our eldest grandson to visit them in June and all of us will go to Disney World for a couple of days.

Family fun time continued

It rained last night, all night.  Not a timid drizzle, but torrential downpours with lightening, creek filling rain.  By morning, it was clearing, only partly cloudy and by 10 a.m. it was already near 50, so we headed off to the Cascades, a beautiful 2 mile uphill walk along a creek to an awesome waterfall.

We have made this hike numerous times, our daughter once when her son was an infant, but I think this one is most memorable.  The rain had the creek rushing by us, the falls were gushing over the cliff face.  The mountain runoff creeks poured over and down the trails and we couldn’t even get to the very top because of the runoff.

This was a family event, all 4 adults, our 5 year old grandson who walked the entire 4 miles without complaint, our 3 month old granddaughter being baby worn by her Dad, and the Golden Retriever that travelled to Virginia with them.

Now that we are home again, the adults are all nursing sore legs, dog is out on the floor and grandson is down for one of the few naps he has taken this week.  I think we will all sleep well tonight.

Family visit fun

Our Florida kids are visiting this week, daughter, son in law and 2 grands, a 5 year old and the 3 month old.  They wanted snow and mother nature cooperated with 7 inches on Sunday for sled play that afternoon and the next morning.  Fun was had until the temperature started its rise and the snow quickly disappeared.

Since daughter grew up in Virginia, we taught our kids to ski but she hasn’t been skiing in over a decade, son in law and grandson had never skiied, so we decided a skiing adventure to Winterplace, an hour from  our house would be a fun day trip.  Off we went at 6:30 this morning, put grandson in Skiwee school for half a day, son in law in a group lesson for 90 minutes and took turns with the 3 month old granddaughter in the lodge.  Except for the fact that it was 50 degrees and it rained off and on this afternoon, a good time was had by all.

Daughter picked it back up like she had never been off skiis.  Son in law did well and grandson loved ski school.

 And Mom, Dad, and daughter even got a couple of runs together.
Next installment in the fun times will be a hike to the Cascades tomorrow as the temperature is supposed to be 60.

The Other Gift

Much has been said about the events of this week.  The week was supposed to begin with a 5 1/2 hour road trip to pick up hubby’s gift, but this had to be postponed by almost two weeks.

In 1994, hubby and I were walking in the mall, probably picking up something for the house we had moved into a couple of months prior and in the window of the mall petstore was an Old English Sheepdog puppy.  We had previously owned another female who didn’t respond well to my return to work after taking 6 months maternity leave when our daughter was born.  Unable to retrain her to nondestructive behaviors, we reluctantly gave her to a family with kids and a stay at home mom who had prior OES’s in her life.  This little ball of fluff drew us in, just as she was supposed to and we left with pup, kennel, bowls, brushes and the other paraphenalia that goes with dog ownership.  She was an AKC pup, but we had no intention of breeding or showing her, she was to be a family pet.  We arrived home after calling the kids to the front yard and turned RagMutt loose on the kids.  Oldest son was indifferent, daughter was in love, youngest son and pup were terrified.  Though, her grooming and vet care fell mostly to me, she was hubby’s baby.

She grew much larger than female OES’s normally grow and lived way beyond her 9 year life expectancy.  In 2006, I moved to the mountains to my new job and to play a more active role in the construction of our house.  Hubby stayed in Virginia Beach with youngest son, a recent high school graduate, and with RagMutt, who by now was an old lady of 12.  They moved into a ground floor apartment that allowed large pets.  It was another year and a half later that her health and age resulted in the decision to put her down, a decision that produced tears for me in the mountains, but more for hubby in Virginia Beach.

Another year and a half passed and Jim finally retired to the mountains with me and discussions about dogs have occurred sporadically since.  Our postponed road trip is to pick up an apricot male English Mastiff pup, who will be old enough then to take from his litter.  This pup is hubby’s Valentine/Anniversary gift.