“Big Brother”-5/27/2019

big brother

In high school, I read 1984 by George Orwell and in my naivette, believed that such dystopia could ever exist.  Then computers happened, and cell phones.  Debit cards and apps to  “get reward points.”  We are constantly tracked, watched, monitored, and sometimes it is frightening.  If I meet a friend for coffee, or dine out with hubby, even if I pay cash and use no app for rewards, often within a short period of time I am asked if I want to review where I was or a place near to where I was.

On Friday, I received a phone call which I didn’t answer as I didn’t recognize the phone number.  A few minutes later I received a text message from the caller, a valid call, but the caller was unavailable then to talk and said they would call later.  The call hasn’t been made as of yet, but I put the caller’s first name and number in my phone so I would recognize it when the call came in.  The next day, that person appeared on my Facebook list of people to whom I might wish to friend.  We have no friends in common.  That is frightening.

I know you can turn off location setting on your phone, but we actually found hubby’s lost phone a year ago by using it’s location.  I know that if you disappear and your phone is on you, you can be found using location service, but it is frightening.

I guess Big Brother really is watching and I don’t think I really want to know to what extent.

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