The Absent Blogger – 8/10/2017

One day seems like the next.  A pleasant August of temperatures not typical of the month, most days reaching only about 80ºf, nights that warrant at least a sheet for cover.  Each day is a series of doctor’s appointments to try to diagnose hubby’s symptoms and the accompanying stress of not knowing, harvesting from the garden that daughter and grands helped me get totally weeded last weekend, canning the harvest, and refereeing the constant squabbles of the grands who have another 18 days before school begins and are tired of each other’s company and the play options available to them.  Most days ending in thunderstorms, though not filling the creeks, it is keeping the garden watered and the dust down.  The seeds planted in empty beds after our weeding session are sprouting to provide us with turnips, radishes, spinach, carrots, and peas for the fall.  The sweet potato vines are thick, kale, chard, and corn thriving, a few small pumpkins appearing amidst the corn. Several of the pullets are laying tiny eggs now, the hens have all but quit laying.  The Monarchs found the parsley and are chowing down, but the butterflies are welcome. The hay was finally moved off of our fields.  The shelves of salsas, pickles, and sauces are filling.  As the tomatoes begin ripening more quickly, pasta sauce and more salsa will be made.  The Asian pears are ripening and pear sauce or pear apple sauce will be made.

Such is a day in the life of the absent blogger.










4 thoughts on “The Absent Blogger – 8/10/2017”

  1. J & D > We just love this post! It is of the time of year, time of life, of place and person. Words and pictures. But the photo of the house You might be up in the mountains, but they seem to be kind mountains, and kind to you. Let’s hope it’s not too much to ask that your blessings extend to your hubby’s health.

    1. Jonathan and Denise, thank you for the kind words. The gathering photos were just asking me to revisit my blog, it was difficult to select just a few. We love our Virginia mountains, tall enough to be mountains, softer than the newer ranges such as the Rockies. We are hopeful for diagnosis and relief for hubby, he is not comfortable now.

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