5/20/2017 Community Fun

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Today was a good day.  The Newport Community Center held an Open House to show off the community and some of the activities that go on at the center.  The 4H barn on the property had pony rides and a baby farm animal petting zoo.  The volunteer rescue squad is right next door and they had one of their trucks on display.  There was softball, a stone carver, a basket weaver, my friend Josh, the neighborhood blacksmith shown above with some of his awesome hooks that he was making.  There was barbequed pork from the smoker/grill, all the trimmings.  The LoCo arts room hosted an anti pipeline banner painting event.  An art sale, a silent auction, used book sale.  The Quilter’s Guild had their gorgeous quilts hanging around the perimeter of the big cafeteria room.  Another friend, David and I had a display of plant and animal fibers, hand spun yarn and handspun handknit clothing items while we demonstrated spinning and answered questions from adults and kids.  My almost 200 year old wheel sat on the table top and was brought down for a few minutes of spinning on it as well.  During most of the event there was live music from families singing to a young man with outstanding guitar skills.

There were many folks from the community that participated and I think everyone had a good time.

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    1. 4H is a rural club for youth to teach animal husbandry. Typically they learn about the breed they are working with while raising one or more animals from birth/hatching, take it to an agricultural fair or two to show it and eventually, most are sold. Our community center is an old school and the grounds are used for the oldest Agricultural Fair in the state of Virginia. The barn is where the livestock are kept and shown during the fair and where the horses used in the sled pull competition, jousting tournament, and riding competitions are prepared for their events.

      1. D > That’s very interesting! Thought-provoking too: such an institution here in the islands might help to encourage and equip youngsters to see crofting as rich in potential – and an opportunity like none other in mainland mainstream life. I shall explore the subject further!

        1. Excellent. So many of our youth, especially those raised in towns and cities, have no concept of where the wool for their sweaters (jumpers), meat for their table, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruit come from. Here in the rural areas, though the kids are familiar with these concepts, many leave for the towns and cities after education and don’t come back. Then there are those of us who grew up in cities, but grew gardens, that have retired to the farm life.

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