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5/2/2017 Play Day

The hardest worker and the most dedicated slacker need an occasional play day.  One of my friends, the owner/operator of Sunrise Valley Farm is the source of the Leicester Longwool fiber that I love to spin.  This is the time of year where her ewes have recently lambed and she had invited me to come to their farm and see the babies.  After dropping grand daughter at preschool this morning, I ventured out to a part of the adjacent county that I had never visited before to their beautiful farm, a mixture of animal pastures for their 3 alpacas, the flock of sheep, a flock of myotonic goats with babies, turkeys, guardian dogs, chickens, and a sole noisy Guinea hen and wooded hillsides.   After a bit of time talking about some new ideas for their Farmers Market stall that will open on Saturday, we ventured out to the barn to see the one little bottle baby.


This wee little gal’s mom accepted her ram lamb brother, but not her and being a bottle baby is very used to being petted and rubbed.  She was too big to hide in a pocket to bring home, but I did enjoy having some baby time.  Some of the other lambs would come near, but didn’t really want to be touched as we walked in their pasture.

The young goats bounded around with the adults and were closely guarded by 3 of their guardian dogs.  We only watched them from a distance.  The turkey flock milled around, Tom strutted his stuff trying to impress his ladies.

It was an enjoyable morning, followed with some conversation over a cup of tea, then time to return home to an abbreviated afternoon duties as Jim had done the preschool pick up run and early afternoon supervision and as he was headed to his monthy Harley club meeting, took the grands to Taekwondo.  This left me with a late afternoon and evening at home alone.  A bit of perennial bed  weeding, a harvest of more asparagus and egg collection were all the chores managed outside.  Some reorganization of my spinning corner was accomplished and some prep  of the Cabin Crafted stock in preparation to vend at the spinning retreat the end of the month.


It is nice and restorative to have a day off occasionally, a chance to visit friends, and get some baby animal time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a pleasant day as far as weather, perhaps the bean bed, sweet potato bed, and three sister’s garden will get turned and weeded in preparation for additional planting.  I forgot to check to see if the potatoes were up yet, but I did see evidence that we will have peas this year.  The bunnies don’t seem to bother the peas, but after losing all of my beans to them last year, that bed will be netted this year and the three sisters garden will likely have a low plastic poultry fence around it so the Anasazi beans can get tall enough to climb the corn before the rabbits get them too.

The electric wire needs to be run around the top of the fence to deter the deer.  With only a 4 foot fence, they can hop right in and feast and they too will take out the beans.

The extended forecast looks like we are going to have an early frost free date this year.  My garden has never been started quite this early before.

6 thoughts on “5/2/2017 Play Day”

  1. An early start to the garden and time to enjoy the wee lambs, especially the one that let you pet it. Deer are a huge problem here for folks who have gardens; the tall fence is a must!
    Thanks for your well wishes for Danny, Fran. We are thrilled that his final surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday at 1:00, and he should be good to go home on Friday. We never expected this quick of a turn around, and are feeling so blessed! Prayers and positive thoughts for a successful surgery and healing would be so appreciated!

  2. J > So you have the same chicken breeds as we have – Welsumer and Buff Orpington! However, a difference: we find the Buffs to be more ‘approachable’ than the Welsumers. However that might be due to the fact that the Buffs are in a smaller flock kept in the walled garden, where they get frequent contact with us. The Welsumer hens are free range on our croft, and normally they see us (well, usually me!) once a day only – in the morning.

    1. My Buff’s are pretty friendly, the adults near the house. For now, the Welsummer and Buff chicks are in a closed covered pen with a door from their coop that requires them to walk right by me as I am fastening the door open and filling their feeder. They are 9 weeks now and soon will be allowed more out time, but I lost so many young birds to the hawks last year that I am being more cautious this year. Having a walled garden would be so nice. They are fenced near my vegetable garden and allowed to clean it up in the fall.

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