Waking before the alarm is my norm.  The alarm is always set, just in case, but it rarely goes off, even if sleep has alluded me at bedtime or having one of the sleep is optional nights when something awakens me after an hour or so of sleep and then no sleep comes again for hours.

At this time of year as the days lengthen, the sky has lightened just enough to see movement in the yard upon awakening, but dark enough to not know what is moving.  This morning, just below our window, were several dark shadows moving slowly away from the house.  By the time the morning ritual and dressing have occurred, it is light enough to distinguish what animals are out and about.  This morning was rich with wildlife, not all on our farm.  The shadows below the window had moved along the treeline to the upper edge of the hay field, 4 large does that stopped and warily looked toward the house with the activity of letting the dogs out and getting them fed, the coffee started, and the “barn” kitty fed on the front porch.

At this time of the morning, the eastern sky is lightening, but the sun has yet to rise above the hills and trees, but its back light highlighting the skeletonized leafless trees on the ridge in the header photo.

Forty minutes later, while waiting at the road for the school bus, the sun is just beginning to climb above that ridge.


Once home again, chickens let out, watered, and fed, it is fully light and  Girlie, the barn kitty, always seeks a point high enough to enjoy the sun’s warmth.


The picture that was missed was the flock of a couple dozen turkey down by one of the covered bridges, slowly crossing the road and ambling up the hillside.  They have been spotted several times in that area recently, but not in a place safe enough to stop and take a photo.

Today we are expecting record high temperatures and this morning was already so warm that only light jackets or sweatshirts were needed by the grands as they headed off to school and preschool.  We will enjoy today, a slightly cooler but still springlike day tomorrow, then plunge back into winter for a short stent before another trip up the yoyo string next week.  This has not been a typical winter in any sense.

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    1. My Georgia cousin says she counts it as spring when the first daffodils bloom and at her western Georgia home, that was in January. We will likely get another snow or two before they bloom here.

    1. I did the same thing on the last upward swing, then piled it high with wood chips and straw for the next round of winter.
      I still need to prune that dang overgrown peach tree.

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