Each time it snows, we are treated to a bit of winter voyeuristic experience.  The woods surround our home on three sides and during the summer, the leaves on the trees and the undergrowth prevent us from seeing any wildlife unless they venture out into the open field.  When we have snow, even a couple of inches, we can see pretty much to the back property line.  This allows us to catch glimpses into the woods to see the deer and turkeys as they walk within the edge of the woods.




These two images are the same area of the south woods beyond the hayfield.  Very magnified as that edge is quite far away.  You can see the difference.  I didn’t see any animals when the photo was taken, but we have.  The few inches of snow that we received over the weekend, are gone, the yards and roads are muddy messes and it is supposed to be near 60ºf tomorrow.  Tonight the deer must have known that hunting season ended on Monday, two bucks and two does ventured out closer to the fence to graze at dusk.


Again, highly magnified, thus slightly out of focus.  To give you an idea of the distance, here is the back edge unmagnified.


The tree line you see is the south edge of our hayfield, the cedar tree almost dead center above the railing is the one in the above photos.

I love watching the wildlife that surrounds us, the deer, turkey, rabbits, chipmunks, mice, moles, and voles as long as they stay away from anything they can damage.  We see an occasional bear, coyotes, groundhogs, squirrels, assorted songbirds and raptors.  We have seen raccoons, skunks, and foxes, though never on our farm.

We love our farm.

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