A Week On the Farm – October 22, 2016

We went from early fall back to summer and straight to winter, It was highs in the 80’s this week and it dropped to 38 last night.  Today is chilly, gray, and windy.  We still haven’t seen a frost and don’t have one in the 10 day forecast.  Until Friday, my exercise was walking outdoors through the campus or the neighborhoods near the gym while hubby went into the gym to work out.  Friday with the onset of rain and colder temperatures, I joined him inside using the weight machines and treadmill.

The week was spent knitting a hat to get gauge on the Leicester Longwool that I have been spinning and dyeing for a Fair Isle sweater for me.


This is yarn that I spun, dyed (except for the green), and knit.  Using the hat as a gauge guide, I now have the information needed to work on the pattern formula for the sweater.  I am also knitting a Christmas stocking for our newest grand daughter and garlands for Knotty Ladies for their various cancer garlands that they hang in Tennessee.  We have had too much cancer in our family, taking the lives of 2 of our parents, surgeries for my sister and hubby, scares for one of our sons and me.  This is to bring awareness.

Today we ventured out in the windy, damp cold to the Farmers’ Market and breakfast.  There are still greens, onions, turnips, peppers, carrots, and winter squash available and the meat vendors are coming each week.  We got some produce, some meat and I bought another pound of the wool for the sweater and hopefully a scarf to match the hat.

This week, I sold the spinning wheel that I had been using for a couple of years, and that I had loaned to a friend to try out.  Part of the exchange was the old Ashford Traditional wheel that I had learned to spin on.  It is back in my life and a new/used Louet wheel is on it’s way to me.  The Traddy will be used as a teaching wheel, I have a 14 year old history buff young lady that wishes to learn once my Louet arrives and I have a wheel to use while she uses the Traddy.

The cockerel culls are so randy, they are fighting each other, escaping from their pen trying to get to the hens.  The pullets aren’t mature enough to be laying yet.  The culls will be sent to freezer camp soon.

3 thoughts on “A Week On the Farm – October 22, 2016”

  1. Love, love, love that hat, Fran! Are you all enjoying fall colors, or has the peak season passed? We just returned from several days in the Smokys and were blessed to see some radiant colors. Here in Georgia, things are just beginning to turn – very slow!

    1. We have not had a good fall color season this year. The leaves started falling before the color began and much of the mountain is already well past color and the trees are getting bare quickly. Glad you got some color in the mountains.

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