Putting by has commenced

Putting by” is an old-fashioned term for preserving food for eating long after the harvest or butchering.  This is a challenge each summer and fall to try to store enough from the garden, the orchard, and the coops, to help us stay local and to reduce our winter food budget/footprint.

One of the easiest items that go on the pantry shelves are pickled jalapenos.  Jim and eldest son both love them and eat them with most dinners.  Some years the last jar gets opened just as the first peppers are harvested from the garden.  This year, too many peppers went into salsa and the freezer, as some of my plants last year produced the jumbo variety.  We had to buy 2 cans of commercially canned ones.  The first 3 jars have been pickled and are curing.

Today, a few bell peppers, a handful of Dragon Thai peppers, and the first Habenero were harvested.  The Thai and Habeneros will be made into hot sauces as more are harvested.  As they come in to the house, they are washed, stemmed, and put in a jar of good vinegar or frozen.  When there are enough in the jar, they will be ground, garlic, salt, a grated carrot added, cooked until smooth, jarred in half pint jars and canned.

Daughter and SIL purchased a fruit share from a Farm to Table group and this time of year, the share has been heavy in berries which they enjoy, peaches that they don’t care for fresh, and spring green cooking apples.  Today to make sure the peaches didn’t all spoil, I bought two mangos, a box of golden raisens, and good sized chunk of fresh ginger, and made 7 pints of Mango/Peach Chutney.  It smelled heavenly cooking and after canning it, one did not seal so I got to taste it before storing it in the refrigerator.  It tastes just like real Indian Chutney.


Tomorrow, the second batch of green apples will be made into applesauce along with some of the apples that were frozen last year.  There are already 5 pints of applesauce made from the first batch of the apples that they brought home.  There will be fewer apples from our orchard this year.  We had a late frost that killed all of the flowers on the three trees that produce our eating apples.  We will get some fruit from the smaller cooking apple trees and a small harvest of Asian pears.

This is a start to our old tradition of putting by.

Tomorrow, the fiber challenge ends.  Today, I went out with a bang, finishing the second bobbin of the red Pohlworth, plyed it into 205 yards of sport weight yarn.  Tonight it is resting and will be washed tomorrow.  I still have some of the lime green alpaca and merino blend to finish and one fiber that was in my plan did not get done, but it will eventually.  I need to get busy knitting or sell some of the yarn I am making, it is accumulating quickly.

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  1. Now I need to find recipes to use all the chutneys in the pantry. Some left from last year and this year’s new batch. I’m sure there will be some more Ginger Pear Conserve as soon as the pears are ripe. That was a huge hit. Thanks for the comments. Love seeing them.

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