Oh Garden, Dear Garden

Never, have I felt so overwhelmed by the garden.  The tomatoes are thriving, but have the sprawl.  My cord tie up method did not keep up and they are hanging over each other and encroaching on the peppers.  The weeds seem to get 2 feet tall overnight.  The pumpkin patch never did get totally weeded and there is only 1 puny little pumpkin plant.  The blueberries don’t seem to like where they are.  At several years old, they should be full and 3 or 4 feet high, but they are sparce and look like I just planted them. Perhaps, they should be moved in the fall to a different location, if I can figure out where that should be.

The first crop of peas is done, the vines browned, pulled and tossed in the chicken pen. The cabbages are ready to harvest, I cut one today, pulled the garlic, a few onions, and a few beets.  Something must have gotten my beans again, there are very few plants but I think it is still early enough to replant them.


Two varieties that I want to keep separate this year for replanting in the fall.  It looks like a good healthy crop.  I hope that they keep well.


My beets are a surprise.  Though they look like red beets, when you cut into them, they are white with red streaks.  The flavor is great.  I will store a couple of the cabbages, make kraut out of one or two, and send a couple home with T and his family this weekend.  The second planting of peas are filling out nicely.  I could probably pick enough for one dinner today, but we had edible pod peas last night, so I will wait.

The chickens are all free ranging right now.  It was time to introduce the layers to the babies and let the Mom’s take care of them.  SH is still sitting her nest and BMW has left her alone for the past couple of days.  She took on her own nest, sat on it for one day and one night and abandoned it.  Eggs are scarce with 4 hens not laying right now.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until 3 of them are back in production.  SH still has 10-11 days to hatch and 6 weeks of being a Momma before she will start back to laying.  It is about time to move the oldest chicks into the coop with their Momma to give them a few more weeks to get some size before a decision is made on who stays to grow up here and who goes into the cull coop to be raised for the freezer.  The cull run is so overgrown that if a chicken is in there, I can’t even see them.  I guess I will have to cut a path with the line trimmer before I move anyone.


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