A Week + On the Farm – June 22, 2016

We were away last weekend, so I didn’t even try to post.  The hay was all baled, not as good a crop as in the past. We need to get Jeff to spread some manure before next spring.  The bales are sitting around the fields and yard waiting for him to return with his tractors and trailer to haul it away.

Our weekend away was to go pick up the table and Hitchcock chairs that belonged to my Dad and Mom and are the dining room furniture I grew up with.  My stepmom decided to replace it with a set she found on consignment that matches her Queen Anne living room tables perfectly and as I didn’t want the other set to leave the family, we drove down to pick it up, renting a trailer to haul it back across the state.  The chairs will replace the chairs we are using now, 3 of our original pine dining room chairs, and 3 folding wood and leather chairs that we bought as our chairs failed, were repaired and failed again.  The table and our 3 chairs, plus an oak kitchen chair to a table we no longer have, will go to eldest son’s house early next month.

This past weekend, we lost one of the younger chicks.  One was reluctant to leave the coop with Momma Hen and either got trampled or just got too cold.  Daughter and Gdaughter found the baby, found Momma Hen and the remaining 8 under the coop in the dark.  With a fishing net, they caught the hen and moved her to the coop’s safety then caught the 8 chicks and returned them to Momma Hen who was angry and upset. All of the remaining chicks get up and down the ramp just fine and are quite the explorers.  Today when we arrived home from Gdaughter’s swimming lesson, both hens and all the chicks were out of the pen and free ranging.  I don’t mind that if they could get back to safety if needed, but they can’t.  I spent a few minutes rearranging their pen so that there is no run off ditch under the fence.  I think that little dip in the ground is where they were escaping.  I wish all of the chickens could free range, but there are too many dogs, including ours that would be a threat to them.

We have another hen sitting a nest with about a dozen eggs under her.  Those chicks should be due around the 10th or 11th of July.  I may yet have enough for the freezer without having to buy day olds to raise in a brooder.

When we returned home, my Dad’s daylilly had bloomed.


I know that each year that clump will enlarge and I will have a good growth of them at the house.  The ones up by the creek are budded, but I haven’t seen blooms there yet, it is more shaded.

We also found both the edible pod and shelley peas ready to harvest.


I brought in baskets of both and we enjoyed our first dinner of shelley peas, the rest put in the refrigerator for another day.  We will get a second crop of shelley peas in another couple of weeks and most of them will be frozen.

The corn was engulfed in weeds again and I spent a bit clearing the weeds.  The tomatoes need to be tied up again, there are many green tomatoes already and peppers, but they will quit again until the weather cools some.

This weekend, I will be vending at a craft show sponsored by the Newport rescue squad auxiliary at the Newport Volunteer Fire Department.  Some organization and prepping has been done for that event.  Along with this, I made some sample size salves, lotion bars, and soaps as favors for the goodie bags at the spinning retreat in August.

Today is muggy, warm, and windy with rain on and off since last night. Perhaps tomorrow, I can get the tomatoes tied up.

I am trying to finish spinning up a beautiful colored fiber to ply and wash prior to the show this weekend.  I also received a cute Dealgan spindle, a Scottish Whorl-less spindle that I have been playing with before next week’s teaching session at a local camp.  I have made toy wheel spindles for all of the kids and they will also get an opportunity to use a spinning wheel.


The baby sweater is complete, the blanket is 1/4 complete.  Traveling for 6 hours each way makes for excellent car knitting time.

Still loving life on our mountain farm.

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  1. So glad to know you were able to retrieve the furniture that gives you pleasant memories, Fran. Do hope the upcoming show is a success for you! I need to get on more of those things to promote my books.

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