Hay time

The hay is down, laying in the fields awaiting another hot dry day tomorrow to rake and bale it.  Once it is baled, I will follow up with our smaller tractor and brush hog to clean up areas that they can’t manage with the larger equipment and mow down a couple of patches of stickweed beneath huge trees.  It doesn’t look like it was a very good year. The top of the property and the big hay field look nice and thick, but the area between the house and the big field is fairly sparse.

Chickies 1 chickies 2


It amuses me at night when I go to lock up the chicks.  Little chicks are so curious and there are always one or two peeking out under the hen’s breast to see what is going on. Mama 1 continues to bring her 5 little peeps out of the coop and works with teaching them to search for food, to scratch, and even to dust bathe.  Mama 2 is so quick to keep her nine little charges inside the coop at this point.  She will herd them away from the door if they get too close or if I step into the pen.  They are getting very agile and hop up on the 2 X 6″ supports down the middle of the floor.  I bet they will be out and about in another day or two.  Neither hen wants us anywhere near these chicks, so they aren’t being handled at all.  I really am not the type to consider them pets, so I don’t handle the adults unless necessary.

Today was a busy day trying to finish getting items prepped for my shop and a craft show later in June.  Two batches of soap were made that won’t be ready for this show, but will be ready for a retreat where I will be a vendor in late August.  Some lotion bars were made, about a dozen and half beard oils were blended and sealed.  There are a few more lotion bars to complete, but the base is made, the labels are printed, and I still have enough tins to make them.  After dinner tonight, I put the shrink bands on the tins.  After having one lotion bar stolen and the tin left and others being opened though there are testers out and open, I have taken to sealing the screw lidded tins with the shrink bands.

My spinning is on hold awaiting the shipment of the slate fiber that will be plyed with the ones I did over the weekend.  I am doing some knitting and have two books underway.


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