Spinning fun

Today was the annual spin-in at the home of Joanne and Otto and business for Strauch Equipment Company.  This event is an all afternoon potluck lunch and social time. Our weekly spinning group, plus friends from spinning retreats, and friends who are other local spinners that can not come to an afternoon weekday spinning session are invited and drive as much as 3 hours to participate.

As usual, the food was wonderful, the company better.  We sit out on their huge deck under the shade of canopy, roof, and trees and have a great time.  The black walnut tree threw immature nuts at us, the rain sprinkled once and went away until we were all gone to our respective homes.  The heat was turned up a bit more than we would have liked, but tolerable with a couple of large fans and the shade.

I see some of these folks nearly every week, others, only once or twice a year.  It is always a terrific early summer afternoon.



The “Bird of Paradise” fiber I was spinning was finished this afternoon and plyed.  I failed to take a photo until after it was washed, so the photo is darker than it’s true color, but so pretty that as soon as I brought it down stairs once skeined at home, daughter said “What are you going to do with that, it is gorgeous?”  Being a tad playfully mean, I replied, “Wash it.”  I know she wants it for a skinny scarf, so she will be given it once it is dry.  It is only 165 yards of fingering, but it should make a skinny, loosely knit scarf.  Now I need to teach her more than knit and purl.



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