Spinning Along

My fiber stash has multiplied of late and I have been trying to spin some fibers that are newer to me and at the same time reduce the bags of fluff to a more manageable size.  I may have to empty out my cedar chest of blankets and pillows just to contain it.

On Saturday, I am going to participate in the Newport Past and Present art show and open house.  In addition to demonstrating spinning with my wheel and spindle, I will have displayed in the show, a sweater that is of yarn that I spun and knitted on display as an art of the Past.  All of the art at this show will be for sale and 20% of the proceeds from the sales, will go to the Newport Recreation Center building fund.

At my demonstration, I will have various animal fibers and yarn spun from those fibers set out.  Today, other than trying to do some house cleaning prior to SIL’s mom arriving this week, I have been sitting at my wheel.  I started off plying more than 220 yards of California Red wool.  This beautiful white wool has hints of red fibers in it.  The lambs of this breed are Irish Setter red when they are born.

California Red 1


My helper has stayed close today.  I think he misses his Daddy.  He learned long ago to not get beside the wheel and not to put his nose up where the hooks are spinning.

Once that was plied, I tackled the cleaning, only to have my 14 year old Oreck vacuum decide it was old enough, or so it thought.

Since I couldn’t finish the cleaning, I returned to spinning.  I had a few ounces of Romney and spun a single that plied with Wooly Nylon for 140 yards of fingering weight fun yarn.


I finished the spinning afternoon with a washing session and hung those two skeins, the first California Red skein and the Mohair lock Art yarn to dry.


Back to the vacuum.  SIL used to work with electricity before he went into Radiology and he dismantled the handle of the old Oreck, spliced the damaged wire and reassembled the handle and the old girl works just fine again.  I hope to get more life out of her.

6 thoughts on “Spinning Along”

  1. I have two unwashed fleeces that I just don’t know what to do with, I love just smelling them. I think I may make a peg loom rug. On the other hand I have been lent a spinning wheel (I have only drop spun before) and have some freshly carded wool to play with this week. Looking forward to experimenting. Nothing as sophisticated as yours mind!

    1. I have only been spinning for about 4 years. I started with a drop spindle for about a year or so before I bought my first wheel. You will get hooked. Just remember your first drop spun yarn and how it looks now and don’t get discouraged. For your fleeces, if you have a top load washing machine, they are easy to clean, one at a time. Just don’t let it agitate. After it is washed, lay it out on a screen outdoors to dry then you can spin locks or card it and spin it on the spindle or the wheel. Have fun.

      1. I’m in the UK so we are all front loaders, but I have no shortage of sheepy friends who can wash my fleeces. My problem is that I dont want to wash them -I love the lanolin smell

  2. We have some wonderful artists in our county and the next and part of the show will be the LoCo Arts program for kids and they will be having a show as well. All of this along with a pig picking. I think it will be great. Sorry you are too far away.

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