Olio – April, 21, 2016

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things.

After a lot of cold and wet, we are now warm, dry, and windy.  The burn pile sits unburned.  There are or have been many brush fires in Virginia this spring and I sure don’t want to contribute to this.  Though the pile is in the middle of a grassy area, an errant wind borne spark could be disastrous, so the pile sits for longer.

Yesterday, after taking granddaughter to preschool, I left the car in the lot, met a friend who took her grandson to a preschool a block away, and we walked through town to a local coffee shop, enjoyed a beverage and each other’s company and then walked back to my car to retrieve eggs and some soap making supplied that I had bought to share with her, she was my soap making instructor.  From there to her car, to drop off the items and pick up a book she needed to return to the library, I needed to check out a book I had on reserve and we walked on to the library.  It was a pleasant morning out.

Today I had an appointment to get the oil changed and a state inspection on my 11 year old car.  I had hoped to get in, have it done in an hour or so and leave.  I did have a problem for them to diagnose, as after they replaced my airbag in a recall, the SRS light on the dash lit intermittently and recently, on more than off, which means that the airbag system is disabled.  Well, that little glitch meant that the car would not pass inspection as they do not carry the seat belt part that controls that in stock and had to order it.  Then they informed me that the ball joints needed to be replaced and the car realigned.  I left knowing that I can’t drive my car except when absolutely necessary until the part comes in (at least it is a warranty job) and that they want more than a grand to repair the other.  Thus my dilemma.  The car is 11 years old, has 185000+ miles on it.  It has been a great car.  The cost of the repair is less by far than going in debt for a new car and it will pass inspection this time once the SRS situation is fixed.  I fear that this is the beginning of other big repairs.  I will look into possibly having it repaired at an independent mechanic instead of the dealer, maybe it won’t cost quite as much or continue to drive it until later in the year and decide what to do then.

I have been spinning a lot the past few days.  The Merino that I bought and blended at the spinning retreat was finished, way over 400 yards of soft deep eggplant color with hints of twilight blue and gray.


When I finished that one, I spun the other fiber that I purchased and blended at the retreat, an Olive and Teal blend of Jacob, Mystery Ram, and Alpaca.  It is over 114 yards of yarn that will probably be used to make a hat if the yarn itself doesn’t sell on my etsy shop.


Both of these are available at CabinCrafted on Etsy.

After a couple of years of reading primarily ebooks, I have returned to the good old fashioned bound book.  Having recently read Solitude Creek by Jeffrey Deaver and The Memory Man by David Baldacci, I heard a review and author interview on The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida.  On a recent trip to the library, seeking that and two other books, all unsuccessful, I did reserve the last and am currently enjoying this author’s style and the story.  It is especially intriguing as she spoke in the interview about the beginning of the book being based on a real life event to her.


I will likely seek out her other books to read as well.

On my local walks, which due to Spring Gobbler hunting season have been confined mostly to the road, I have seen many spring flowers, some burned by the last late frost. These walks are now being logged by a community walking group of individuals who are adding their miles together each week and tracking a walk across the country and back from our town to other towns and cities of the same name through out the country and even abroad.  Such fun to be part of this event.



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  1. I cannot recommend Prices on North Main highly enough. I will never get repairs at the dealership again. Switched to Prices 4 years ago after a situation similar to yours and never looked back.

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