Sunday Thankfulness 4/10/16

What a difference a day makes in the mountains.  Yesterday we awoke to snow and got a couple of inches before the temperature got above freezing and the ground snow melted while it was still snowing and blowing horizontally.  I think it got up to about 40ºf yesterday and dropped to 22ºf last night.  I fear there will be no fruit in our orchard this year.  Unfortunately, all 5 apple trees, both peaches and both Asian pears were already blooming.  The garden seems to have survived and the chickens didn’t even notice.

Today is bright and sunny, the wind has calmed and it is 62ºf.  Much too nice a day to stay inside, yet too iffy, especially at night to do any garden work, so I tied on the sneakers, grabbed my trekking poles and hiked away from the house while the kids were having quiet time and Jim was sitting in the loft, still recovering from another bout of bronchitis.  I decided to take a hike that I had not previously taken, down the gravel road, took a right and hiked up the cow paths to a ridge we see from the paved road when we go up the mountain.  The views from there were fabulous.


A shot east and the steeple of the church half way up to our house.  A shot west up the valley. And a shot south toward the highway we can hear trucks on, but not see from our house, to a house that has been built in the hollow over the ridge.  I got my 10,000+ steps, climbed the equivalent of 77 flights of steps, enjoyed the bright sunny day for well over an hour and a half.  The fresh spring air was delightful.

While hiking along the cow paths, I spotted many tiny violets blooming in the woods.



After coming back down from the ridge and crossing the road, I climbed the hill above our house and walked back around that hill and returned to the road and the walk home.

Soon those cow pastures between the woods will be too tall to walk and I will have to stick to the woods and roads.

Tomorrow is another beautiful day and after a late morning appointment, I plan to try another trail that I have never hiked before it gets too overgrown as well.

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