We Have Spring

At least the weather says we have it.  The calendar is still a couple of weeks off and I know that we don’t have frost free days until Mother’s Day here, but for this week, it is superb.  It is so nice today, that Mountaingdad took the Big Bad Harley out for a ride, realizing as he was getting ready to go that he had a back running light out, he rode to “the big city” an hour away to get it replaced and to get a hot dog.  The one thing he really misses about Virginia Beach is Famous Uncle Al’s.  They grilled Boar’s Head all beef hot dogs and have the best french fries ever, hot and crisp.  No where in this university town or the surrounding towns has he been able to find a “good” hot dog.  There is a place near the HD dealer that has ones he finds acceptable.  I’m glad he could get out.  Maybe tomorrow too.

When eldest son and grandson #1 came in on early Saturday morning, T tasked L to look under the bus seats to be sure they hadn’t left anything.  Once in my car on the way to the house, he reached for his hat and uh-oh, no hat.  This was a nice wool hat that I had knit two Christmases ago to go with a Moebius Scarf for him.  If the weather is chilly, due to his short haircut and thinning top, he wears a hat.  I try to keep him in knit hats.  Sometimes, without him nearby, they end up too short for him to fold the brim.  One of his last remaining ones, has numerous holes held together by safety pins, OK for around the house, but not too professional on the bus ride to work or the walk across campus to his office.  He was disappointed in it’s loss, but I had recently determined that I might have better luck selling hand spun, hand knit scarves and hats than I was having selling the hand spun yarn, so I pulled a skein of local undyed Dorset lamb yarn and two small skeins of dark undyed Shetland to make him a new one.  As he drives my car to his house when I return them home after a visit, because I have to drive home alone the next day, I tucked the yarn in my purse as we were leaving Sunday afternoon.  I cast on the hat, knit the ribbed brim as we drove north and began the color work part in the dark after dinner.  I had hoped to finish it on the drive and while there, but we arrived at 9:30 p.m. and having to get up at 4:30 a.m. Monday to take them to the Metro for their mini vacation, I didn’t get it done.  Yesterday, I was too foggy from the short night followed by the long drive home, the chores needed once here, I didn’t get but a couple of more rows done.  I realized that I had less of the cocoa color than I thought and had to pull out about 8 rows to change the design to accommodate the shortfall.  This morning, I finished it.


It has been washed and is blocking, once dry, I will mail it to him, knowing that in spite of this week’s beautiful spring weather, he will likely need it for a bit longer until it gets warm and stays warm.  This is the first hat I have ever made with my hand spun yarn.  It is thick, warm and generous.  I hope he likes it.

The spring like week lured me to put the kitchen floor potted herbs out on the deck.  This allowed me to clean up the dog hair, live and dead stink bugs, and a few dead wasps that were lurking between the pots.  I know that they will have to spend some more days and nights in the house before they can summer out, but they are out for now.


This is probably the last time I will have the large pots on the floor in the kitchen as I have learned how easy it is to root Rosemary and so the Rosemary plants are going to be planted in the garden this year and cuttings taken and rooted for the window sill pots at the end of summer.  The cuttings will overwinter in the sill and be planted in the garden again next  year, it just doesn’t overwinter here in the mountains of Virginia.  The mint is going to be cut and rooted for a window sill pot as well, along with the other window sill herbs.  I have been toying with the idea of finding a small wagon that can be waterproofed inside that will hold several smaller pots so that I can perhaps expand the winter herb garden to include a few more herbs like bush basil and maybe a small sage.  It could then be rolled out of the way to clean under it, rolled out in the sun on nice days and stored for the summer when the garden has the herbs growing in it.

The excitement of seeing leaves, flowers, and vegetables growing again is swelling.  I still need a few seed packets, but the seeds I purchase are from a Virginia company and many of them are sold in the local natural foods store.  I just need to pull my list together and get in there to get them before they sell out.  It is approaching the time to start my tomato, tomatillo, and pepper starts.  They can’t go out until mid May and I don’t want them to get too tall and leggy before then, so I will likely wait another week or two to start them.  Everything else gets direct planted.  I have thought about direct planting them as well.  The volunteer tomatoes and tomatillos are always the strongest and best plants out there.


4 thoughts on “We Have Spring”

  1. We are savoring spring-like weather here in Georgia, too. I can’t get enough of it! And I can’t say enough nice things about the gorgeous hat you knitted. Just beautiful!
    Blessings, Fran!

  2. Sharp hat! Mountainigdad needs to try the hot dogs from the Roanoke Weiner Stand on Apperson Drive. The combo comes with two dogs, fries and a drink. The best ever!

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