Another Snow Day

Yesterday, local school systems shut down 1 to 3 hours early in anticipation of the Clipper system in the forecast. It snowed lightly at our elevation, mostly a wintry mix that was gone by 5 p.m. At dusk it began again as snow.  We left a 4 wheel drive vehicle at the top of the driveway, SIL left his little 2 wheel drive sedan down near the main road, we gave him a key to ours so he could get to his this morning.  Today schools closed, kids were up at the crack of dawn, trying to get the remaining 3 adults up too.  We of course wanted to take advantage of no schedule and warm beds to nest down and sleep in.



The accumulation is only a couple of inches, enough to be pretty, not enough to cause any problems for 3 of the cars.  Pictures taken as I took food and warm water to the chickens, knowing that it would have to be served “in bed” to them as they won’t come out when the ground is white and I didn’t want to take the effort to break up the snow covered bale to put down hay as we are looking at increased cloud cover and another 1 to 4″ today and tonight.  My guess is there will be no school again tomorrow.

One of the local amateur weather forecasters, who is usually more accurate than the meteorologists, has warned us to start watching the 15th through the 17th for another major winter storm.  At this rate, the kids will be in school until July 4. At least we will be able to go out and celebrate our 38th Anniversary on Valentine’s Day without a drive in the storm as we have had a couple of years.

My handspun sweater is coming along.  I am on the body, below the armpit and still on the first 200+ yard skein, though I am near needing to add the second one.  It is going to be a delightfully warm, heavy winter sweater when done, my heaviest to date.



I have read several books in the past few days as well.  I stumbled on a series of novellas by Kendra Elliot and read the first two but must await the release of the third, then was offered a Kindle first of a pre release by Joe Hart, the first of a trilogy, called The Last Girl.  I enjoyed it and will probably read at least one more in the trilogy when it comes out.  For now my reading is a return to Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, a paperback that I bought before the storm a few weeks ago.  So far, I haven’t really been able to get into it and have never seen the series on TV, nor do I want to unless I finish the book.

Winter plods on with spring a distant dream.  I probably should start a seed list for the items I lack for the garden when the weather warms.


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