Snow on snow

It snowed again.  Not really snow, just a dusting of granular pellets, enough to coat the deck, the driveway and dust the bare spots from last week’s snow.

It didn’t affect school this time.  Our county, still on a 2 hour delay.  Some local counties back on schedule and others using what they call “snow routes” where they don’t even try to traverse some of the more rural roads and the students (or their parents) are required to get to a more major, aka paved road to catch the bus.  We already have to do that, going almost a half mile up to the paved road where the school bus picks up our grandson and sometimes, the high school aged girl from farther down our unpaved road.  Sometimes she gets dropped off by her teacher mom at her grandparent’s house along with her baby sister, sometimes down the paved road to catch the bus with a friend.  The bus picks up all ages on this route at one time and they either get off at the elementary/middle school, or stay on the bus as it continues a different route to the high school.

The morning temperature, right around freezing with gusty wind is going to hold until afternoon, then drop back to the upper teens tonight before we are served with three beautiful spring like days near 60ºf.  These delightful respites happen during the winter, but we know not to count on it staying around.  We are really just reaching the time of winter when we will see our snowfalls.  A few will be like today, with light blowing clippers and flurries.  Others will coat us with a few inches to a foot.  Each year, we have one that locks us in our hollow, like last weekend and we again remember, that we should leave the cars at the top of the driveway when snow is predicted to give us a fighting chance to get out once the state plows our unpaved but state maintained road.  Each year, we discuss how we need to get our driveway regraded and more gravel added to it.  Each year, we consider how to put space at the top for multiple cars.  It used to just be our two, but with daughter and her family living here, it is 4 and one of them a low two wheel drive sedan.  With them both working and us doing grandparent duty of getting the grands to the bus, to and from preschool, to occasional doctor’s appointments that couldn’t be scheduled after school, to pick up from dance class after preschool, we need to be able to get at least 3 of the vehicles parked up there and accessible in bad weather.

For now, our driveway is again snow coated, frozen solid after the days of melt off.  The ruts in the mud are solid tracks today.  For the next few days, they will thaw and be muddy as more snow melts off, then hopefully, dry and flatten again as we drive up and down until the next predicted storm when we will park at the top and walk down.  We have had our annual reminder.

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