It is here!

For a week the weather prognosticators have been threatening us with an epic storm of historic proportions.  We have watched as they upped the expected amounts and took heed to stock up, knowing that we may be stranded down in this hollow for many days. Tuesday, schools opened 2 hours late due to the single digit cold, to give the diesel busses time to get going and so the kiddos didn’t have to stand out in the very cold dark morning.  Wednesday was just as cold, but school began on time, only to close 2 hours early due to a fast moving clipper that dumped a couple of inches of snow very quickly, making the roads, especially the rural mountain roads difficult to impossible to travel.  That resulted in schools being closed again yesterday, though the day was beautiful and everything cleared by afternoon except in the spots that never receive direct sun.

Mountaingdad and I went out early last evening and had dinner out together, did a little crafty shopping and stopped at the book store to each purchase a new book to entertain us while stranded.  By the time we got home, I realized that I was developing the early symptoms of the bug that SIL had last weekend, K had early in the week and I spent a very restless night feeling worse as the night wore on.  SIL got up at his early hour and realized that the pending weather had begun.  He is digilently working from home, in his supervisory capacity, trying to cover shifts at work, knowing that he couldn’t possibly make the hour plus drive in the storm and finding others that live closer, couldn’t also.

We are now about 5 hours in to this storm, the snow has fallen consistently for the entire time, the ground already covered with at least 6 inches.

In spite of being ill, I know that the outdoor animals must be cared for, so I donned by barn coat, hat, gloves and muck boots, to go deal with the chickens.  The 8 hens and 2 young roos are closed in their coop, so food, water and more straw need to be put in with them.  As soon as I stepped outside, the drifted snow went over the top of my boot, so they got food, but I will have to go back with water and straw in a little while.



It is snowing hard enough to not be able to see the ridge line south of us.  Earlier, you couldn’t even see that tree line.  We are forecast to get 24 to 36″ of snow.  The most we have ever seen in our decade here is 22″.  The world is white, there is enough to play in, now go away.  But it isn’t going anywhere for another 36 hours.

With deep snow, we worry about the weight on the high back deck, so already, I have shoveled the first 6 inches off of it this morning.  I guess that will have to be done many times today and again many times tomorrow.


I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to play in it, or at least by Sunday.  To go out and sled with the big and little kids in the household.  In the meantime, I have two e-books as long as the power stays on, a new paperback if we lose power, lots of yarn to knit, wood split and ready.  I do need to fill the water containers in case of outage.  Perhaps I should go start a slow cook dinner and make some bread in case we lose our power.  You just aren’t allowed to be sick when you have chores to do.

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