The morning dawns gray and damp. The last “spring” day before winter begins to show it’s true colors. The forecast is for seasonal days and chilly nights. Quilts and sweaters will become the norm.

The morning dawns to a very quiet house, SIL at work, T and family returned to their non holiday lives in Northern Virginia. K, N, Mountaingdad still slumbering. I am grateful for the quiet today as I awoke with a headache,, probably due to the thick, damp morning.

The morning also dawns to the Herculean task of taking down the 12′ tree that has graced our living room for the past several weeks and packing up the ornaments and Santa collection until next year.


Then we rearrange the furniture to the non holiday mode,vacuum, dust, and scrub as the week’s end will bring K’s MIL for a 4 day visit as she brings L home from visiting his father. She is good to do this living in the same town and having the necessary leave time to be his air escort.

Life slowly returns to routine, the end of a month of sadness, stress, love, and family. I am a fortunate woman.

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