Social Time

Today I took a break from Christmas and Holiday Market readiness and left the rest of the family at home to go have some social time with the spinning group to which I belong.  It has been too long since I have attended and I was missing the socialization with this fabulous group of gals.  Today was our Christmas Social, hosted in the most spectacular home.  This spinner hosts us a couple times a year.  Her home has the most fantastic views and we sit in a huge room with a high ceiling and large windows with more than 180 view.  The gathering is holiday potluck with spreads, cheeses, crackers, sweets and goodies.  Lots of conversation, some spinning, some knitting, and a Dirty Santa exchange.  Having never gone before, I was the only one who didn’t have spinning fiber in my gift.  I did take two skeins of Merino with Silk yarn, so I wasn’t totally out of the ballpark.  There were some sweet gifts, some taken the 3 time limit before they settled to go home with the new owner.  I ended up with the hostesses gift, an adorable painted tray of a sheep and phlox with the saying “Sheep in phlox” and 12 ounces of the prettiest white California Red fiber.  She shared the farm name and their website, I will have to visit soon.


I can’t wait to start spinning this beautiful fiber and then figure out what to make with the yarn.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed the weekly gathering with these beautiful ladies and vowed to make attending on Thursdays again, a priority.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to have breakfast with another friend and this weekend, Mountaingdad and I are going to a holiday party for his Harley Owner’s Group.  That will be all of the holiday partying we will be doing this year.

Tomorrow, I will return to prep and packing to ready the car for the early setup on Saturday at the Winter Holiday Market.  The weather is forecast to to much warmer and calmer than the Fall Market was.  I can’t argue with the forecast.

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