Oh what a Beautiful Morning, Oh what a . . .

This was a stellar fall day.  It started with a glorious sunrise as I sat at the bus stop with A.


We had overnight frost again, but it was already above freezing when we left for the bus.  N was dressed, fed and delivered to preschool and I returned home to knit and read until after we picked her up from school.  By then, the day was a mild 70f and the sky was azure.


Once she went down for her nap, the garden beckoned.  How could I possibly stay indoors on such a gift of a day?  The two pounds of seed garlic were separated into cloves, gloves, hoe and garden fork collected. Head hatted and off I went to do some post frost clean up and prepare the bed for the garlic, plant it, mulch it and cover it with row cover to discourage my two legged garden helpers.


One of the young roosters, doing his part to clean up the garden and oh so curious about what I was digging up.

All of the pepper plants, tomato plants, pumpkin vines, pigweed and smart weed were pulled in the upper 2/3’s of the garden and thrown over the fence into the hen’s run, though most of them were scratching around in the garden.  The pepper bed was turned and the cloves of garlic planted.


As soon as I left the garden to grab an arm load of spoiled hay, the hens converged on the newly planted bed to try to undo what I had just done.  The garlic was mulched and covered and then the gate from the hen’s pen to the garden was reworked to improve the angle of the fence and to remove about 5 feet of wire that was overlapped too far and in the way.  Now the run can be closed off from the garden or opened to give them free run of the 65 X 25 foot space, by pulling the white plastic stake and resetting it against the fixed fence.  This is the same arrangement I use on other side of the garden to gain entrance.


The girls that were too leery of my efforts to be in the garden with me, scratched around in the plants that were tossed over the fence.

Another day or two of effort should allow me to remove the rest of the pigweed, the cucumber and squash vines, locate the blueberry bushes and get mulch down around them and around the raspberry bushes.  I’m not sure how I will keep the chooks from scattering the spoiled hay.

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