Light at the end…

We have had rain for 14 of the past 16 days.  There is one more day of predicted  rain, then the light at the end of the tunnel as the saying goes.  We are saturated.  The unpaved roads are rutted, all of the roads covered with debris from the rain and wind.  The leaves are being ripped from the trees and coating the roads along with small branches.

So far, we have been lucky.  The heavy rains expected the past couple of days have been lighter than predicted, so additional flooding has been kept to a minimum and we have, at least so far, kept our power.

This weekend, we have been in charge of the two grands that live with us as their folks went to Kentucky to a friend’s wedding.  We had great plans to take them to the pumpkins patch, but that was foiled by the weather.  Their soccer games were cancelled.  They have been well behaved, with only a bit of sibling fussing.  They have eaten well with no complaining about what I have prepared.  For that we are grateful.

It has been a good weekend to stay in and read and knit.  We did venture out in the rain to the Farmers’ Market yesterday morning, taking the kids out for bagels first.  We didn’t all get out at the market, I just jumped out and picked up the veggies, meat and flowers for the week.

It will be nice to see the sun on Tuesday.  Maybe a harvest of tomatoes and peppers can be done and some tomatoes canned, some peppers pickled or frozen.  While the soil is wet, maybe the weeds will be easier to pull to start preparing the garlic bed for fall and to find the blueberry bushes that have been engulfed.  There is still about half a big round bale of spoiled hay that can be used to mulch around them.  I have been saving newspaper to layer around the bushes once I get the weeds pulled.  Once the sun comes out, there are dry beans to pull and lay out or hang in the garage to further dry from the days of rain, the corn stalks to cut and shock as a fall decoration, some pumpkins to harvest, and sunflower heads to cut and dry.  Some of the decorative pots of flowers from summer are spent and will be replaced with mums for a bit of fall color.

The chooks, both Buffys and meaties were grateful to be let out into their runs today.  Though it is still drizzling, they have alternately foraged and hidden from the rain.  In a few more days, I will slip into the Buffys’ coop after dark and move the culls to the Cull Palace with the meaties for the next 5 weeks, and to let the keeper flock get to used to having a more reasonable number in their coop.  They will overwinter as our laying flock.  I think that the the littles are big enough to tell which are pullets.  I know that there are at least two cockerels in the coop and I only want one rooster in my flock, so the other one and a few older hens will be removed.  Only one of the spring Americaunas is laying.  It amazes me how old they are before they lay and also how easily they can escape from the run.  The Buffys are too heavy bodied to get out, but the Americaunas, even the one who lost her tail feathers to the dogs, can easily clear the 4 foot fence.

We still have 4 to 5 weeks before our first expected frost, but autumn is advancing, trees coloring more each day.  The mountains are beautiful this time of year, but I’m not ready for the cold weather and bare trees.  I guess we should start looking for some wood soon.

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