Olio – September 25, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things.

The coastal storm that has cancelled many events in Virginia is providing us with some much needed rain and with it unseasonably cool temperatures.  The rain is welcome, but as we still have been unable to get a roofer here to put a new boot on the bent vent stack and to refasten and realign the gutters damaged by last winter’s snow, I am a bit worried about the rain leaking in.  I actually have finally gotten someone to at least come to give us an estimate to make the repairs and to install snow strips to try to prevent this damage from happening again.

I’m still not totally over the fall crud that I caught a week and a half ago.  About the time I started feeling better, it settled in my sinuses as often happens.  I think it may actually be finally going away.

The chicken pen installation has some flaws.  I keep finding a hen in the meaties pen and meaties in the hens’ pen, so they have found a way to get back and forth.  Last night one of the teenagers was totally out of both pens.  Perhaps they have learned to fly over the gate.

I finished the project I was knitting for my author friend and again, as it isn’t my project to show, I won’t show a photo of what it is, but the colors ended up very jewel like, so I had to take a shot of them.


The project has been delivered to my friend and I have resumed reading, something that I set aside to finish the knit.  The current book is Once We Were Brothers, a historical fiction of World War II atrocities in Poland.

I did begin a new knitting project, to finally make the socks that granddaughter requested when I was making the Rainbow pair that I sent to my sister for her birthday. The Wildfoote Sock Yarn is also jewel like and really similar colors to the project that I just finished.


This is just a basic vanilla sock pattern for a nearly 4 year old girl.  I suppose that I should finish knitting the sleeves of my sweater that has been on hold all summer now that the weather is cooling enough to want to wear a sweater and to finish spinning the Coopsworth from last spring’s Fiber Retreat so that I can make myself another sweater from it.

A portion of this afternoon was spent updating my etsy shop, adding some new soap and handspun  yarn.

I haven’t visited the garden in a few days.  Once the weather improves, I need to harvest more tomatoes and peppers and get some more canning and freezing done.

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