Labor Day weekend Olio -2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things.

The mountain cabin is quiet.  I left on Wednesday to return Grandson #1 to Northern Virginia to meet his teacher and settle in to his back to school routine before school resumes on Tuesday.  I drove home today to a flurry of activity.

Daughter and family just left for a long weekend, returning to the city of her childhood to see how her husband and kids do camping in a tent and to visit with friends from high school days, most who have never seen her Florida born children.  We will take care of their pets while they are away.

Last evening, daughter texted me a photo of the first Americauna egg.  I was hoping for blue eggs, but the first was olive green.  This afternoon, a second one appeared, I think from a different hen as it is a slightly different shape and more blue green in color.


The eggs are still small as first eggs tend to be, but it is fun having some colored eggs mixed in with the creams and browns that the Buffys lay.  If two of the Americaunas are laying, that leaves only one.  The Buffy that decided to be a late broody has been broken of her habit, I think.  I have been gone for a couple of days, but I hadn’t caught her on the nest at night for a few days prior.

The meat chicklets are maturing quickly, at two and a half weeks, they are mostly feathered, seriously outgrowing the 100 gallon livestock water trough that serves as a brooder.  They use the Brinsea heat table to try to launch themselves out of the tub, but none of them sleep under, on or even near it now.  They can foul their bedding in two days max.  We never did get the chicken tractor secured so I can’t put them in it.  The cull coop area is still not fenced so that is also out.  I guess I will have to keep cleaning them every other day, set up a playpen outdoors for some day time in the sun and get the fencing up pronto so that they can go outside permanently in another week or so if the weather stays as warm as it has been.  I think they will fare better with space and no source of heat than they will in such tight quarters.  Maybe I can put the Buffys and Americaunas in the cull pen for a couple of weeks and put the chicklets in the coop where they are better protected and as the hen pen has a low border of chicken wire surrounding the inside perimeter.

My current knitting is a test knit for a friend who is a knitting book author, so no photos or credits at this point.

My spinning had been suspended for about a month as my chair was commandeered with having so many extra folks in the house this summer.  I could use the stool that my brother made for me, but I put all my fiber supplies on it when we moved the chair.  Now that the house has returned to just the regular residents, the chair is back, so I can reclaim my stool and finish the pound of Coopsworth that I bought last spring at Hawk’s Nest, maybe just in time to return to Hawk’s Nest for the fall spinning retreat.

As for what I am reading; each year I reread Barbara Kingsolver’s, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  It always helps me recenter and dedicate some time to putting by for the nonproductive food months of winter and to help limit or eliminate the purchases of items that are not carbon footprint friendly, having been imported from across the country or even from other countries.  It is a reminder to help support our local farmers and dedicate more time to my garden.

Until I write again, have a great holiday weekend.

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