Day of Rest? Not . . .

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but it wasn’t and neither was this holiday, the next 9 days show 50% or higher chance of rain and I wanted the rest of the seed in the ground.  To do that meant more garden intensive work and since Daughter, SIL, and the grands put in so much time and effort yesterday, it wasn’t fair to involve them.  They went off for a hike on this beautiful, but warmer day, we went to get the corn and bean seed for the Three Sisters Garden and a new water filter for the fridge and I went to work.  The rest of the garden extension was weeded.  The bottom edge was given a retaining wall of old cedar posts and garden stakes, a few big rocks and about an hour and a half of raking smoothed out the bed and reduced the slope considerably.


The Asparagus crowns were planted, the Horseradish mulched, and 15 mounds developed for the Three Sisters seed.  Today the Popcorn was planted in half of the mounds.  Spoiled hay scattered between the mounds and along some of the paths.  When the corn is up, the beans will be planted in the same mounds and once they are up, the pumpkins and buttercup squash will be planted in the remaining mounds.


The last summer squash seed were planted and marked.

While out working, Momma Hen took her babies on a Walk About.  They were so cute tagging along, imitating Momma’s scratching and grass nibbling.


My long hot day was completed with a delicious dinner prepared by Daughter, served on the back deck in the nice evening breeze.  These lovelies are blooming just below the edge of the deck.


My last task of the evening was to reorganize my soap making and storage until the festival that I will participate in, it was over running my pantry.


Since we will have rain this week, I will rest, heal, spin, knit and read.  I am going to employ the “Each one teach one” method this week and teach a friend soap making.

8 thoughts on “Day of Rest? Not . . .”

    1. Today the garden was watered by Mother Nature while I stayed indoors and taught a friend to make soap and lotion bars. It was a good day.

  1. You sound like us on a holiday week-end : Holiday, shm-holiday! So much amazing work done though, wonderful! Bet you felt super relieved. Oh, and bet you slept really well!

    1. Indeed, I’m glad to have the bulk of the work behind us. We are looking forward to garden goodies.

    1. Thank you. I love your photos, but haven’t figured out all the apps to play with mine. Soap is fun to do and only takes about an hour to make more than you will use in months.

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