The Great Chill

Our Virginia born daughter who has lived the last dozen or so years in Florida and her Florida born children arrived as an Arctic blast hit our region. The first two days they were here, we saw highs of around freezing and lows 10 or so degree lower. They are cold, to the bone cold and the next two days are colder. We awoke to 20°f (-6.67°c) and that is today’s high.


We have a wind chill advisory for the next day or so. It is snowing, mountain snow showers. The kids want snow to play in, but not this event.


When I took food and water to the chooks, the wind cut through me. I filled the PVC feeder that hangs inside the coop and realized that even the water in the coop was frozen solid. The waterer was brought in to thaw and a pan of water put in the coop. I opened the pop door, they ran out into the yard, turned and back into the coop, where they will likely stay today.
Other than trips to the coop to check for eggs and thaw water, we are going to hunker down indoors with a fire going, games to play, knitting, planning and reading.


My knitting  is an Ouroboros Moebius from Margaret Radcliffe, a local knitting designer and author, a friend knit out of Green Dragon Gradient sport weight in Teal which I will treasure as this other local friend is no longer dyeing yarns. Son#1 and family gave me the Organic Seed Grower for Christmas and my two favorite seed catalogs arrived during the busy holidays and I haven’t had time to even look at them.
The day will be fueled by a pot of stew or vegetable beef soup and maybe a pan of bread.

5 thoughts on “The Great Chill”

  1. Your poor daughter… hopefully she’ll get her winter “legs” back soon… that is quiet cold for you guys though right? I lived in Richmond for a few years and I rarely remember going below freezing.

    1. Yanic, she will adjust, the kids on the other hand don’t seem to listen that the need layers, socks and/or slippers on indoors and keep appearing barefoot in short sleeves then complaining they are cold. We get a few days each year in the mountains that are near zero °f, but it usually is in the 30’s to low 40’s during the days and teens to twenties at night during the winter. The wind is the issue today, tonight and tomorrow.

      1. Same here… the wind will drop the temps to -42’C (same in ‘F) so extra blankets on the beds and socks to sleep for sure!

        Stay warm! And it,s not just your kiddos… mine are a pain with socks as well!

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