Kitchen Additions and other gifts

My Christmas wish list was brief, a hen shaped egg basket for the kitchen counter and an Ott light for beside my chair for knitting or writing at night.  Mountaingdad, welcomes suggestions, but is also alert to my doings.  While we were decorating for Christmas, I realized that I had never added any holiday music to my Iphone, our CD player took a power surge about two years ago and so the CDs could only be played in the car and he caught me rigging the laptop to a speaker set to play music, so he also bought me a compact CD player with radio and speakers that once I get longer wires will be able to be spaced on opposite sides of the living room.  It was delightful to be able to play music yesterday while I was putting the decorations away.

Shortly after all the decorations were stored, our rural letter carrier drove down the driveway and honked his horn, a signal that he had something too large for our oversized mailbox.  A trip outside to meet him, we were handed the Christmas box that our daughter had mailed before Christmas.  She was in a crafty, hand made gift mode this year and the box contained a roll of unpaper towels, and 2 adorable owl pot holders.


As you see, I got my egg basket and I am working in my recliner with my Ott lamp over my shoulder.

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