Late Christmas Surprise

Last night around midnight, I was sleeping and Mountaingdad was watching television and there was a light rapping on our door.  Of course the house alarm, two big dogs went berserk.  The rapping was Son#2, our youngest and his family surprising us with a weekend visit.  We had seen them a couple of weeks ago at their home and thought they were coming in January to visit once daughter and her family had moved up from Florida.  Since Son#1 and his family had left on Christmas Day, I had stripped and washed the bed linens, but not remade the beds yet, so a quick bed making was done, a bit of visiting then everyone drifted off to bedrooms.

Since our usual Saturday routine is to go to the town, have breakfast and then on to the Farmers’ Market for whatever offerings are available, we all went in together.  Being a small town with a large state university, with the students all home for the holidays many of the local businesses take a week off and our first breakfast choice was closed.  We did finally get some food, bought our week’s meat ration and a bit for the freezer and came home to more visiting.  The children are ages 8 and 3.  They both want us to play with them as they don’t see us often.  We enjoy this time but wear out much faster than the kids.

After being intimidated by the big dog at first this morning, the 3 year old has decided that he makes a good pillow and is the gentle giant that he is.


The other pup, our German Shepherd has hidden upstairs most of the day, totally overwhelmed by the activity.  She better get  used to it as the Florida grands moving here next week are the same ages.

Their visit will be short, they will be leaving in the morning as Son#2 is an advanced life support paramedic and has one of his monthly volunteer shifts to serve tomorrow night, followed by a day of paid work on Monday, so he needs to get home and hopefully get a nap before his shift.

A nice surprise.

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