Farm Chores and Relativity

For several years, we have had a burn pile of scrap wood collecting near a huge nut tree and a rock pile.  It makes mowing that area difficult and haying that area impossible.  A couple of years ago, I placed a Craigslist ad for free lumber and siding and had a few takers that reduced the size of the pile some.  Two years ago, the neighbor that hays our fields came over and removed cedar trees that had grown up in the hayfields that we had just been mowing around and while here, he stacked the scattered parts of the pile more compactly and cleared up some rocks that were also an impediment to the mowing and haying.  Every time we think to burn the pile something gets in the way.  You have to dedicate an entire day to the job as it has to be watched constantly and a hose needs to be nearby to squelch any errant flames.  We will plan the burn after a heavy rain only to have several days of too much wind.  Today was perfect.  I had mowed two brush hog widths around the pile, a couple hundred feet of garden hose were connected to each other and the yard hydrant and we set the pile ablaze.


The burn was a little slow starting but once the two sides merged, we were a bit concerned as the flames leapt dangerously close to the lower branches of the nut tree.


We hosed and watched for hours as it burned down, never both of us leaving at once.  Unfortunately, much of the wood contained nails, screws and large fasteners that hold our logs together, so now that the fire is out, there is much cleanup to do so we don’t pop a tractor tire on a spike.  We also discovered a pile of large rocks under the burn.  They are perfect to use for the retaining wall at the end of the garden, but it will take both of us and the tractor bucket to move them and they need to cool first.

I have oft mentioned the pups.  Big dog, little dog.  Ahh, no, Big Dog, Bigger Dog.  The Shepherd weighs about 75 lbs., the Mastiff a slight 210 lbs.  She is the dominate one.  She can run under him, grabs him by the legs and pulls him down, but he is so gentle and tolerant of the behaviors.



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