Growin’ Up

The chicks are fully integrated into the coop.  The barrier has been removed, the food and water are outside, the chicks leave the coop during the day and return to perch at night.  The first day they all went outdoors, 6 of them perched in the smaller part of the then divided coop with the big girls and only 4 isolated themselves.  Now they mix it up on the perches, so fun to see with big and littles all scrunched together.

I was still having some concerns about the king and queen of the coop as the Olive Egger was picking on the chicks and Cogburn without most of his harem was beating up on the two Buff Orpingtons hens.  Tonight after coop up time, Jim and I went out and shook up the pecking order a bit.  We moved the 3 red sex link laying hens back into the coop and removed the king and queen to the cull pen and chicken tractor.  Cogburn will have 4 hens and the coop has 5 hens and the 10  nine week old pullets.  Once the pullets are laying and son comes to run freezer camp, Cogburn will likely be returned to the coop and the red sex links may be removed.  The Olive Egger only gives us about 3 to 4 eggs a week and though it is fun to find the green eggs, she may go to camp.  Maybe by removing her and the roo for a while to allow the Buff Orpington hens some rest and the chicks some time to grow some more, they may both be returned to the coop.  That will have stirred up the pecking order and may drop her down a peg or two.

It is still exciting to check the nesting boxes in the evening and bring in 7 to 9 varied eggs.  The sale of the extras to my knitting group generally funds my dinner at coffee shop where we gather.

Life is an adventure on our mountain farm.

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  1. So neat to know you are actually turning a profit from the eggs laid by your chickens. And, who’d ever thought there could be such drama in a hen house? :) Blessings!

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