Sleepless in …

The wind has howled like a freight train plowing through the house all night.  I don’t sleep well when it does for fear of it toppling the shed roof over the heatpump and taking out our heat.  It woke me at 2 a.m. and that ended my night.

This is what we awoke to find


yes, snow blowing sideways.  Note the small flag next to the post.

I went out to put food in the coop and open the pop door and because of the direction, there is a small snowdrift in the coop.  Their water bucket is frozen solid.  I left if outside as it is supposed to get up to the mid 40s later, so hopefully it will thaw.

I don’t know when the wind is supposed to die down, but the weather gods are telling us we are expecting 2 to 4 inches of white stuff before it does.  Not what I expected this morn.


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