A Moment from the week


The chicks are now 3 weeks old and the 50 gallon plastic tote no longer large enough for them.  They were starting to escape, requiring more than the pint waterer and the gallon one took up too much of their dwindling space.  A piece of screen was put on the top to keep them in, but there was no way to expand the floor space.  We have a large wire dog cage and an extra large one.  The large one isn’t too difficult to erect, so it was moved to the basement, set up and set inside the larger plastic tray from the extra large one.  I know that there will be more mess to clean, but the chicks are getting big.  After putting it all together, I threaded two sticks from pruning fruit trees at two heights as perches and the chicks learning to use them is comedic as they tip and rock learning their balance.  I think I need to make the perches with 1 x 1″ wood scraps or larger branches to give them more to grasp.  We have a warmer week ahead and that hopefully is signalling an end of the cold weather.  In another week, I may move them back to the garage and I need to start planning how to divide the coop for their introduction later this spring.  That also means that the chicken tractor needs to be moved back outside and a nesting box or two added to it as 6 of the hens will be moved to it until sometime in the summer.  My coop was built for 14 and I will have 14 in there when the chicks are moved.  The size of the coop is fine during the spring, summer, and fall, but a bit over estimated when they are all inside on a snowy day.  We will see how it goes and the flock may have to be reduced back to 10 or 12 after this year.

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