Frozen Fog



We are engulfed in fog.  The temperature is still below freezing, the ground still frozen and slick from the sleet storm of day before yesterday, the sky still thick and gray.  No more significant precipitation has fallen, some light snow last night, but no more sleet or freezing drizzle.

When the fog thins enough to peek through, you see frosted forests.




This is a pretty sight, but some green buds would be welcome.  We are working toward another two day warm up, followed by another potential winter storm.  The weather pattern has been strange this year.


One thought on “Frozen Fog”

  1. Thinking of you!!! I love the feel of fog on my face, but hated it when we were sailing. Your pictures are lovely. Hope the weather warms up soon. Bet your chickies would like the feel of dry feathers. Cheers!

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