Late Winter

Skeletonized trees frosted with snow.


Cedars wearing white cloaks.


A smelting furnace from 1872, the remains sitting beside Sinking Creek.


Yesterday, we hunkered down and watched it snow again.  The predicted amount did not materialize, fortunately and we only received about 4 inches.  Last night it turned very cold again, but is slowly warming to above freezing and not dropping too low tonight.  With a bit of straw turning in the chicken run, they were coaxed out to their food and water this morning and the coop opened up to air out.  A bit ago, I found a supply of Buff Orpington pullets, so now a short road trip is in order to collect them and a harvesting date needs to be set with son, to cull out all of the hens of other breeds to allow us to have a self sustaining flock of heritage birds.  I may still sneak an Easter Egger or two in the coop just for the fun of finding their colored eggs.

5 thoughts on “Late Winter”

  1. The Buff Orpingtons are really pretty. Good luck with them. We had 5″ of snow here yesterday and temps. in single digits, but it’s about 40 now. WOW! This will help our aquifer level a bit. Keep hoping for Spring! :>)

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