The Calm Before . . .

Again we are being threatened with a winter storm.  How many times has that happened this winter and it fizzled?  But this time they seem to be serious and instead of adjusting the storm away from us at the last minute, they are giving us more and more intensity.  It is to be a snow event in this part of the state.  I love snow and snow sports, so I’m fine with it, however, it always requires more effort on our part as we do live rurally in the mountains and heavy snowfall often means loss of power.  Loss of power means loss of heat, water and all other conveniences of life, so today, the cold, calm day of azure skies will be filled with the preparations for such occurrence.



The downstairs bathtub must be filled with water for necessary flushing and so the dogs will have water.  All of the emergency and camping jugs also filled as to get water when we have no power, we must trek downhill a few hundred yards to the gravity fed yard hydrant from our cistern that is there to water horses and cattle next year after our fencing is done.  Trekking down is not difficult, but toting one or more 5 gallon jugs of water back uphill is tough.  With enough snow, they can be loaded onto one of the toboggan sleds that we bought for our grands and us to play on in the snow, and dragged back uphill.

A supply of firewood will be brought over and stored in the garage to keep the woodstove and fireplace stoked for heat.  The wood is stacked against the end of the huge compost bins by the garden, but who wants to carry wood over in the wet snow when we can just grab it in the garage.

The hay used in the chicken pen and coop needs to be covered as they won’t come outside their coop if snow is on the ground and I don’t want to have to dig the large round bale out and deal with wet hay to get a layer down on the ground for them.

A pot of stew beef that can be finished on the wood stove or the propane camp stove will be started, or a pot of chili made that we can heat on the wood stove or camp stove will be prepped.

The freezer will be rearranged to make sure that there are few air spaces and jugs of ice that I keep in the basement refrigerator freezer when not needed, will be packed on top to keep the remainder of last summer’s bounty frozen.

Some day we might finally get a decent generator, maybe a whole house generator so these preparations will become unnecessary.  Until then, time is wasting, I’d better get to work.

4 thoughts on “The Calm Before . . .”

  1. I hopep the storm isnt too bad. we got a small generaor a few years back when we had a freak icestorm hit and lost power for two weeks someof our area was out for a month. good luck and stay warm, spring is on the way..

    1. Cathy, if we get an outage and it is short, just a day or two it will be fine. We have a small generator that needs servicing and at each storm threat we say we should take it in, but. . . senior procrastination.

    1. We have 43+ cm of snow and it is still falling. We still have power but the wind is increasing so we will see. We can not get out in a car so we will sit tight. All is well. Thanks.

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