Alone Time

Having been married for more than 33 years and being retired together, this couple is always together. So goes one, goes the other, especially when one car is unavailable. Occasionally, this couple tries some alone time adventures, and they have very different fun things to do. Mister half of this couple has become the more adventurous half and the most recent adventure is to learn to ride a motorcycle and eventually motor across the country. The area in which this couple lives is very conducive to riding with parkways and mountain roads to explore. Missus half of this couple has absolutely no desire to share this adventure on her own cycle or behind mister, so if the cross country trip ever happens, Missus will follow along solo in a car some time later, towing a trailer or renting one on the west coast and bringing Mister back home.
Missus is more conservative in her senior years, preferring walks, hikes, the horseback riding if the stead is well broke or enjoying the knitting, spinning, gardening, soap making, and chicken raising.
This state encourages new motorcycle riders to enroll in a 2 1/2 day long safety and learning to ride class and that is what Mister is doing this weekend.
Missus elected to take a longish drive several counties over, along the Blue Ridge Parkway (a National Park area, closed except for the actually roadway, due to the government shutdown) to visit a friend, who owns Greenberry House, a yarn shop and to purchase local cabbage, winter squash, some corn meal and more Ashe County cheese. The drive was beautiful, the day is gorgeous, blue skies, light breeze, mild temperatures. The visit was very enjoyable, seeing her new shop, visiting with one of her dogs and her chickens, and having a very pleasant chat. The produce and other goods were purchased at the Poor Farmer’s Market, and included a couple extra heads of cabbage for a friend. Another delightful drive back with a stop at another friend’s yarn show, Green Dragon Yarn, see who was knitting there today and to visit with the owner and knitter friends and luckily deliver the cabbage just bought. She came out to the car to get her cabbage and said, “Oh, you bought grits, too, I love grits.” Oh no, Missus’ inattention in the very crowded market, had picked up the wrong product. She got a very welcome gift, half of the grits purchased, as Missus’ year’s supply was purchased about a month ago when sister-in-law was visiting.
It feels good to share . . . even when it is unplanned.

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