Yesterday was our Anniversary, 34 years together.  Would I do it again if given the chance? Absolutely.  I wouldn’t want to change anything, the kids, the pets, various houses, they are all threads in the ribbon of our life together.
Yesterday, I was spoiled!  Awakened with the question of whether I wanted to go out for bagels, not his favorite as he rarely eats breakfast, but a known treat for me.  A Valentine’s card and box of dark chocolate awaited me downstairs before we left. We spent time together at the library perusing periodicals in our choice of topics, ran a few errands together, spending time together, holding hands like young love.  We live 4 miles below Mounain Lake Hotel (where they filmed “Dirty Dancing,” and due to the drought the past few years, the lake is very low, having dried up 2 summers ago, so we took a drive up to check the lake and see the snow as they are 2000 feet higher than we, they often get more snow.
Upon arriving home, this bouquet was awaiting me.  We have young organic farmer friends who as part of their business model, sell flower shares good for 15 weeks of fresh flower bouquets during the summer, my love had bought me a share for our anniversary and our friends, Bert and Gwynn had brought me the dried flower bouquet and share card while we were out leaving it on our table for me to find.
The treats didn’t end there as we had reservations at a nice restaurant in town for a 4 course meal with a live pianist and each lady presented with a live rose and each couple with a small box of heart shaped chocolate truffles.
I felt spoiled and pampered by our day.

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