Winter Brouhaha

The weather casters excitedly warned of our first major winter storm (it’s mid February already) with gale force winds, temperatures plummeting to single digits, snow.  The  snow beginning last night and continuing until Sunday morning.  It didn’t.

I awoke to snow falling, no blowing around as it is apt to do in this mountain hollow, yes we are experiencing strong wind gusts, but hey that happens most winter days and even many summer days due to our location on the south face of a mountain just east of a gap.  They did get it right about the falling temperatures however.  Today’s high of 30 was very early this morning and it is dropping like a rock into a well.  We are cozy and warm with plenty of firewood if the storm really finds us and takes out the power.  Plenty of food in the house, no need to worry.

The snow is still blowing around, but the only evidence is a light dusting on hard surfaces and mulch, maybe we will see a little on the ground before it ends, likely not, we’ve seen very little this winter.  And yet the naysayers insist there is no global warming, no climate change.  This is the strangest mountain winter that I have experienced.

One thought on “Winter Brouhaha”

  1. our winter has been extra mild too…the weather person said that there is a stream of arctic air that is being pushed farther north than normal, hence the cold temps up north and in the UK and the warmer temps here…I'm just going with the flow and enjoying it. 😀

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