Wednesday Night Comraderie

     Wednesday night is Ladies Night Out, though we have a couple of husbands that come along and hang out on the fringes, accepting a bit of joshing from the group, giving some back, and always willing to accept goodies when we celebrate a birthday.  The size and composition of the group varies from week to week, but the purpose is the same, to socialize, knit together as we are all knitters, have show and tell, share patterns, yarn, needles and ideas.
     In some circles, these groups are called Stitch and Bitch, or Knit Night.  We have fondly nicknamed ourselves Clicks and Sticks.
     Our venue welcomes us, they have a huge table we take over each week, eating, drinking tea or coffee or an occassional beer or wine and sharing our week.  This group at times is silly, at times a support group, always friends.  When a friend from our group moves on due to job change, we celebrate our friendship with a party usually involving more food, yarn goodies and a new address book that we all fill with our addresses, emails or other means of contact, so that we can stay in touch.
     A few times of the year, we move to someone’s home and celebrate our friendship with a potluck.  Always we bring our knitting and/or spinning and continue to enjoy the Wednesday Night comraderie, even if it is on a Saturday.
    I cherish this group, they were my first friends when I moved to the mountains and I hope they continue to be called my friends for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Comraderie”

  1. You did a great job of capturing the essence of the knitting family, Fran. I hardly ever get to come on a Wednesday night, but I will always feel like I belong.

  2. what a wonderful way to enjoy the company of others…I am a knitter/crocheter and love all types of needlework…it is soothing to me and a form of therapy…

    I have girls night out too with some gf…it usually is Margarita Night at the local Mexican restaurant…and I love the time we spend together…

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