Sunday Morning Musings

   The sun is golden, the sky azure, the air cold and still, a haze softening the mountains I see from my seat.  Like a cat, I found the pool of warm light near the dining room doors to the deck. The house is silent except for the electronic hum of the appliances. Here I sit with my coffee and oatmeal, being thankful for my health and the trappings of nearly 40 years of work.
    For almost 34 years now, I have been married to my husband, my best friend.  Together we have raised 3 children, a handful of pets, lost 3 of our parents,  owned several houses and now make our home in a log house of our design, it embracing many thousands of hours of loving labor by our eldest son and his partner.  Our life together has been good, no great.  We have had our share of medical scares, some serious, some inconvenient, but we are fortunate to be active and healthy for our ages. And fortunate to have loving children with their own mates and children, for us as grandparents to love, spoil, and cherish.
     As we are rural and sit amidst many acres of pastureland surrounded by trees, we often see deer, turkey, songbirds and hawks, hear the neighbor’s cattle and the coyotes.  Occassionally we see the coyotes,  a snake, a ground hog, and once a black bear. It is truly beautiful and peaceful here. At night without the light pollution of the cities, the sky is glittering with diamonds of light.  Last night with the moon so full, the house and nearby cedars were casting shadows, and a bold deer grazed within feet of the back deck.
    We are not isolated, however, with a major university town only 15 miles away with restaurants, shopping, entertainment, libraries and parks.  We have the best of both worlds.
    Now that I’ve counted my blessings, I will ponder how to spend the rest of this glorious winter day for tomorrow brings rain, snow, and wind.

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