First holiday alone

We knew this time would come, but found we weren’t prepared for it.  Having come from a family of three children with many fond Christmas memories, it was easy to establish traditions and memories for our three children.  Christmas eve was spent celebrating with extended family for a turkey and ham dinner at our house, or at my father’s.  Christmas morning with our children at home, sometimes with grandparents, sometimes, just family, an open house buffet of treats for family and visitors, Christmas stockings, Santa, and gifts that indulged our children often stretching our budget.

As our children grew up, left home, and started their own families, we still often had one or more of them home on Christmas Day, or we traveled to one of them to spend the morning watching their children enjoy the excitement of Christmas morning.

This year was to be different.  Our eldest and his family were to spend Christmas Day with his son’s other grandparents.  They visited us for one night a couple days before Christmas and had our celebrations then.  Our daughter and her husband had just had a new baby on Thanksgiving Day and we had traveled to see them the next week, taking their gift with us.  Our youngest, had to work Christmas eve and Christmas Day, so we will travel to celebrate with them later this week.  That left just my husband and me to greet the day and carry on our traditions as best we could without children in the house.  It just isn’t the same, in spite of my efforts to prepare his favorite breakfast and later a small turkey dinner, it was still too quiet and sedate.

Next year, we will be sure to be at the home of one of our kids on Christmas morning and savor the sounds and excitement of the children.

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