A much needed respite, but not far away. Grandson 1 suggested to his Dad, Son 1 that they go to bike the Virginia Creeper trail together and that perhaps hubby and I could join them. We had ridden it with one of his cousins and him in the summer of 2021. Between the scheduling and locating an Air B&B to accommodate the 4 of us, the medical nightmare occurred and we were unsure if we would be able to join them. By mid week, last week, we decided that it was doable, but hubby couldn’t ride, so I chose not to also, perhaps a good thing because only 1 bicycle was available when son called several outfitters. Since he was bringing some things to our house in route, he picked up his bike here and the outfitter took his to the top too on Saturday. As soon as they got back to the outfitter yesterday afternoon, they scheduling a second ride this morning. Son 1 decided to ride up the 17 miles, 1900 foot elevation rise this morning and meet his son who went up on the shuttle and they rode down together. We brought his bike that lives here back today. He has a nicer bike he uses to commute to work.

I walked some in Damascus, sat on the porch and spun, knit, and read. We explored some of the dining options in Damascus and last night in Abdingdon and arrived back home safely around an hour ago.

An abandoned house on a ride in the countryside.
The dam at an old mill, now hotel and restaurant.
Fall color and a spindle from the porch of the cottage.
My guys, this weekend, before we headed home.

The fall colors were perfect, the weather delightful ahead of a cold front coming in today with rain and colder temperatures. It did us good to get away from the house for a couple of nights, though it wore hubby out. It was great to see Son and grandson together for a weekend. Good memories.

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